Pathfinder is proud to offer online support!
For computer problems:

If your Internet is working,
using TeamViewer we can connect to your computer
and fix most computer problems!

Contact Nancy, James, Roger or Beverly to get started!



Please try the following before calling support...

For help with these steps contact:
James Strickland 501 533-6390
Roger Hudson 501 982-0528 ext 1267
Beverly Mezger 501 533-6349
Nancy Cook 501 982-0528 ext 1268
  • 3. Double-click the Mail icon
    Sign In to your mail account:
    Password: Sent to your supervisor's email account
    You will be asked to change that password after you login. The new password must be at least 8 characters and receive a strong rating from Google.
  • 4. All of your old email will stay in your old email program. Any new email will come to Gmail.
    If you were using Outlook 2007 you can move your emails, contacts, and calendar to Google Mail using the Google Apps
    Migration for Microsoft Outlook. Be SURE TO EMPTY YOUR DELETED FILES folder first.


If you are having problems with Google Apps, the following links may help:

Click here to login to your Google Apps Account!

Click here to download Google Desktop

Watch this 5 minute video for help with Gmail:
Use Pathfinder's Learning Site for Google Apps here.


You can also contact someone using Live Help by clicking the link below:

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We can also connect using TEAMVIEWER

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Pathfinder Remote Support



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